Since its founding in 2013, RTC Couplings has become one of the world’s leading coupling manufacturers. Our strength is our ability to develop new technologies and then integrate them into our products to give our customers real competitive advantage. Our success and knowledge are based on many years of experience, knowledge and commitment. We employ more than 250 people in over 10 nations today. In addition to a complete portfolio of quick-couplings, RTC designs and manufactures many other components and systems for use in a variety of applications, including hoses, manifolds and flow controllers with monitoring hardware and software.


We produce 98% of our products ourselves, making us both the manufacturer and distributor of all RTC labelled items. This eliminates surcharges from middlemen. And you always have a direct line to the experts.

The use of special materials may be necessary depending on the application. In order to meet customer-specific requirements, we always use the right material for your medium, both for the housings and for the seals.

We constantly expand our product range and always manufacture according to changing market requirements. Our design office also develops customer-specific solutions for special request.