With 30 years of experience behind us, our journey of success as RTC Coupling Technology continues as one of the world's most preferred quick release coupling manufacturers. We have crowned this success by establishing RTC Academy, Turkey's first institution providing training on quick release couplings.

We offer training to our employees, domestic and international business partners, dealers and customers with RTC Academy, which was established to ensure continuity of our manufacturing and service quality.

At RTC Academy, we aim to increase customer satisfaction by sharing knowledge and work experience in various fields and maintain high standards in all our units.

In addition to face-to-face training; we plan to contribute to the personal development of our employees and dealers with online training.

RTC Academy opens up its experience over the years to the business world and implements projects that contribute to society; it continues to contribute to society through activities such as training qualified technical personnel and training opportunities that our country and industry need within the scope of “School - Industry Cooperation”.

In addition, it follows an inclusive approach with innovative projects aimed at empowering women in the quick release coupling sector by keeping the number of female employees above the industry average.

Our trainings aim to increase theoretical knowledge and improve production and sales skills. Occupational health and safety is prioritized in these trainings.